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Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 10:46PM

Silence  is  Compliance



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Subject: Patriots Speak Out Again Against Sharia Takeover in San Diego Schools

Fourteen patriots spoke out against islamization of public schools in San Diego on May 16, 2017.  Four Somali Muslim fundamentalists spoke out in favor of starting the process of converting our public schools into madrassas and mosques.  


The local media was all notified, but they totally blacked out this event.  If the entire city was aware of this situation, they would likely be a general uprising against it.

About 50,000 Muslims from terrorist lands have been resettled in San Diego during the Obama era and to a lesser degree under Bush and Clinton.  They form a large voting block and have a big presence in some schools.  For this reason they have a lot of political clout and want to practice Islamic theocracy in the public schools like they did in their homeland.


Our school board has also had problems with corruption.  The former president, Marne Foster, was forced to resign last year after being charged with corruption and pleading guilty.

Citizens Speak Out Against Sharia in San Diego Schools - Part 2



Muslim "victims" of bullying testified at this school board meeting on July 26, 2016 to get the process started for an anti-Islamophobia program started in San Diego schools.  It is an excuse to promote Islam and Sharia in San Diego Schools.  Kevin Beiser and Richard Barrera are the main promoters and defenders of this pro-Islam effort to takeover the schools.

Muslim Pity Party at San Diego School Board Meeting



Contribute to the lawsuit against the school board here:

Click here to support Religious Equality in Our Schools organized by Daniel Piedra


SDUSD Contact info:

Cindy Marten, superintendent, (619) 725-5506

Richard Barrera, president, (619) 725-5550

Kevin Beiser, vice-president, (619) 725-5550

John Lee Evans, trustee, (619) 725-5550

Michael McQuary, trustee, (619) 725-5550

Sharon Whitehurst-Payne, trustee, (619) 725-5550

Anyone is welcome to copy and re-use these two videos above or make derivative clips.

Roger Ogden

San Diego, Ca

Patriot Fire - YouTube Channel


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Silence  is  Compliance 
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