More than most Americans...
Friday, August 11, 2017 at 10:06PM




More than most Americans are aware of or even begin to be concerned about...  

Are you aware of these items, are you concerned???

Israel's top lobby, AIPAC, is paying for the vacations of 53 members of the US Congress while they are on their August break. [...]
Henry Kissinger advised President Trump to make sure ISIS is not destroyed in Syria. You read that correctly. [...]
After eight months, investigators into Russian collusion have found no evidence of wrongdoing, but mountains of evidence in DNC crimes are ignored. [...]
Who are the ‘white racists’ of today who must be murdered out of obedience to morality? He likely includes anyone who supports Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and especially anyone who wants to stop mass immigration from Muslim countries. [...]
The simple truth is that the public is no longer believing the lie. Free broadcast of our own debunking of Al Gore's lies starts September 4th. [...]
This is another example of President Trump placing moles into high level government positions who are Clinton loyalists & globalists. [...]
He tried to blame global warming, but wasn’t long before news broke that malfunctioning water pumps were the cause.[...]
Watch his shocking investigation into the Franklin scandal that led all the way to the White House in the video, Conspiracy of Silence, featured here. [...]
Australian airport authorities seized her phone, copied her emails, and told her she was banned from Australia. [...]



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