We deserve the government we elect and, ...
Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 9:20PM





If McCain Is A Lion,



Heller Is A Pussy(cat)

I wish I could fit this on a bumper sticker.


If John McCain is the Lion of the Senate, than Dean Heller is the Pussy(cat) of the Senate.


Please excuse my Scaramuccism, but Heller, McCain and all of the other Senators who voted for something before they were against it make me want to throw up.


Republicans, Democrats; it doesn’t matter—they should ALL be ashamed of themselves.


We deserve the government we elect and, make no mistake about it, we elected these clowns.  But America has a limited tolerance for being lied to and that’s what these folks have been doing for years.


They live and bloviate in the assumption that the voters actually believe them.  That Donald Trump—President Trump to them—was an anomaly, a one time fluke.  That after Trump, things will get back to business as usual which includes the art of campaigning on one thing and doing another.  That the majority of American voters believe the fake news much of the media pumps out on a daily basis.


We won’t know for a few years, but unless I am sadly mistaken, I don’t think so.


I think that over the next seven years, much of the Senate and much of the House will turn over.  That rats like Heller, McCain and his appropriately named junior Senator, Jeff Flake will be gone and their departure not mourned.


It may cause some pain, because, inevitably, some bad people will be elected to replace some of them.


But enough will happen to put the fear of God into the rest.


And my further guess is that Donald Trump will emerge an American hero because he will continue to say exactly what he thinks and continue to keep his promises to those voters.


I could be wrong.


But I wasn’t about the Trump candidacy.  And those who think American voters are stupid are 0 for 4 in the special elections since Trump was elected.


So far, the only people who have been wrong about almost everything are the pundits.  Why do you suppose that is?


My guess is that they see the world as they want it to be and their self-serving agenda needs it to be.


Getting screwed by politicians is hardly a new experience.


Remember how the legendary Bill Clinton ran in 1992 on no tax increases?


He made it to February 15 of 1993 before he said this—in office less than a month:



And, just like that, a pile of tax increases rained down upon our heads, eagerly handed to Bubba by a Democrat Congress.


In 1994, the voters responded by handing Congress to the Republicans.


Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.  But President Trump, unlike Clinton, the Democrat Party and a bunch of quisling Republicans, has very little to lose by striking back.  And the odds are, he will have the American voters solidly behind him.



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